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Listen to your Body!

Listening to your body means, listening to your mind.

The feeling in your body is where you will find your intuition and your capability to act. If you push your muscles too far, they will tell you that you have reached your limits. Listening to your body can help to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Our body is a self-correcting machine. When there is pain or discomfort of some kind in the body, it makes adjustments in order to minimize it. 

Think about if you were to have a knee pain. You would automatically start to limp to avoid pain. However, it would not be helpful to continue limping because over time, this shuffle that was once helpful would create dysfunction. 

This ongoing limp would change the biomechanics of how you move. This new pattern of movement would affect your posture and how your legs, pelvis, and low back feel and function.

'If you Listen to your body when it Whispers, you don’t have to hear it Scream’.